Personalized experiential learning for continuous growth

Our three-part platform to elevate employee competence in an impactful and sustainable way

Experiential Learning with AI-Powered Business Simulations

Simplify the Complex,
Uncover Insights

Equip your workforce for strategic shifts and successful strategies

Our business simulations simplify real-world dynamics, offering a clear, navigable graph of interlinked metrics. Over multiple periods, employees can immerse themselves, make informed decisions, and grasp the subtle nuances of business relationships with the help of AI-powered guidance.

Flexible Deployment, Unlimited Scale

Empower your organization with cost-effective, instructor-independent and versatile training

Our simulations redefine the possibilities of deployment, granting you unparalleled flexibility. Whether you opt for online or classroom settings, our AI Smart Instructor complements your existing resources, ensuring consistently high quality learning experience. It’s about more than just cost-effectiveness; it’s about unlocking the potential for your organization to scale and adapt to future learning needs.

Automated Competence Assessments

Actionable, relevant, practical assessments

Participants receive customized skill reports while mastering business nuances in our simulations

Organizations can streamline skills assessment without extra effort, time, or cost

Personalized, Continuous Learning

Fulfill individual learning needs

Employees get regular challenges to enhance skills that are tied to their individual assessments

The personalized challenges are akin to having a virtual coach for each of your employees

Employees can also choose additional growth areas aligned with their overall development plan