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Grow managerial capability through AI-powered, immersive business simulations

Experiential, Personalized and Scalable Learning

AI-Powered Platform

AI-driven insights tailor learning experiences to each manager's needs, ensuring impactful skill development with our innovative platform.

Immersive Gamification

Hands-on simulations translate into real-world efficacy, enhancing workplace performance and problem-solving capabilities.

Personalized Growth

Learning journeys are tailored by AI and decision-making scenarios are matched to each manager’s skills. It's personalization that drives growth.

Realistic Scenarios

Our simulations offer a wide array of business scenarios, customizable to equip your managers with versatile, real-world skills.

Why Sagacity

Creating Value

At every step of our engagement, we empower you to make informed choices that prioritize tangible benefits for your business


Harness AI to simplify complexity, personalizing each learning experience to nurture a culture of creativity and continuous advancement


Extend cutting-edge managerial training across your organization, maximizing reach and flexibility while optimizing costs

Strategic Impact

Forge unparalleled decision-making and strategic coherence with our AI-driven managerial training

Low-Touch Integration

Achieve high-impact learning with streamlined setup, ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal resource strain

What Our Clients Say

PGA of America

Business skills simulations platform for managerial capability development of 30,000 PGA professionals across the US

“It was a great experience and the feedback was extremely positive. I think the best thing that I noticed was the participant’s ability to see everything online and the results as soon as I calculate. This is a game changer!”

Todd Sammons
Director of Member Education

Logo of der university of Tuebingen

University of Tübingen

Collaborative health platform deployed to 27,000 students and faculty

“Sagacity did an excellent job of responding to the wishes and needs of university sports and together the app was adapted to the needs of university sports/SGM and further developed individually.”

Ingrid Arzberger
Head of University Sports

Mercer logo


Simulations platform for competence assessments across managerial levels


Competence-based claims allocation to improve productivity and team utilization

Why Sagacity

Our solutions are rooted in delivering enduring benefits

At every step of our engagement, we empower you to make informed choices that prioritize tangible benefits for your business

Commitment to making you win

We are responsive and flexible, we align our goals with yours, and we are focused on delivering more than what you ask for

Deep business expertise

As your strategic partners, we work with you to identify and prioritize opportunities that drive your success

Commitment to excellence

We leverage innovative technology and best practices to consistently deliver high-quality work that exceeds your expectations

Expert data and tech skills

Our data and tech expertise helps you reduce cost of ownership and increase scalability and flexibility

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