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Employee Skills


Sagacity helps organization know the inventory of employee skills using employee performance and activity data. This ensures that organizations have the right talent in place to drive innovation and growth, and are able to respond faster to changing business needs.  Organizations can accomplish the following with Sagacity’s assistance:

  1. Develop future scenarios of skill pools – gaps and redundancies  
  2. Develop long- and short-term plan of employee development and mobility
  3. Determine learning & development priorities
  4. Prioritize allocation of resources and budgets to specific skills areas 

Application areas for revenue enhancement

Real-time skills inventory can be used by organizations to drive revenue growth:

  1. Increase sales productivity – Match the right accounts with the right sales person
  2. Team formations using dynamic skills inventory – Improve team productivity by using matching team composition with team goals  

How Sagacity's solution is better

Organizations use a variety of approaches to determine employee skills and competencies, including self-, manager- and peer-assessment, 360-degree feedback, skills tests, work samples, and behavioral interviews. None of these approaches provide objective, consistent, reliable, and real-time information about employee skills.

Sagacity’s approach of using employee performance and activity data to infer their skills has several advantages over other approaches:


Sagacity uses employee performance and activity data, in combination with machine learning, to infer employee skills


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